Rabbi Kevin Hale, Sofer STaM

Welcome to the website for Rabbi Kevin Hale. Rabbi Hale is a trained Sofer STaM, torah scribe. His work focuses on evaluating and restoring sifrei torah, writing, and teaching about our sacred scribal traditions.

Rabbi Hale is an engaging teacher and speaker; he loves to bring his passion about Torah and the sacred scribal traditions to congregations, havurot and schools and ignite others’ interest with his enthusiasm, knowledge and hands-on style. He is equally skilled at engaging young children, teens and adults.

Rabbi Hale’s work:

  • Evaluating and restoring sifrei Torah
  • Writing Torah, megillot, and mezuzot
  • Torah appraisal for insurance and other purposes
  • Buying and selling Torahs and mezuzot
  • Conducting Siyyum Ceremonies                     (completion of Torah and dedication)    
  • Leading of services and lifecycle events                                                                        (all aspects, from basic to traditional)
  • Teacher


Rabbi Kevin Hale can work with you to meet your programming and Torah work needs, offering a wide range of services from short workshops to full scholar-in-residence weekends or week-long rabbi trainings on basic soferut repair. He can often combine Torah appraisal and educational programming into one visit. Torah appraisal can happen on-site or in his studio. For more information, please contact his office at 413-587-0506 or email: soferhale@gmail.com.

Traditional Practice and Progressive Thought

Rabbi Hale honors, and is respectful of, the multiplicity of Jewish congregations and practices. He has worked with every kind of congregation and community, including: modern orthodox; reform; reconstructionist; conservative; independent, and minyanim. For a partial listing of groups he has worked with recently, click here.

The 613th commandment to write torah is addressed to all the Jewish people. As a dynamic service leader and teacher, Rabbi Hale draws in people of all ages and backgrounds, to activate within each of us our potential as torah scribes and to attune our eyes and hands and hearts to this most essential but often unknown or misunderstood Jewish mitzvah.